Before you are all set to go for a client meeting, dust this Red Roses talcum powder on your body and feel fresh. For all those men and women longing to attain that beautiful aroma, this Red Roses talcum powder could be an apt choice. The Yardley Red Roses talc is enriched with active ingredients that leave a long lasting aroma on your body. Also, this Yardley talc makes your skin and soft and supple. Besides giving you that natural fragrance of rose, this Red Roses talc rejuvenates your senses in the most unique way. This Yardley talcum powder eliminates the unpleasant odour from your body and also protects your skin. Every time you walk down to the pantry at your workplace the lingering aroma of this talcum powder will make heads turn. This exoctic fragrance never fails to keep you fresh throughout the day.


    Celebrated Irish poet Thomas Moore famously noted that timid jasmine buds that keep their fragrance to themselves all day, but when the sunlight dies away, let the delicious secret out to every breeze that roams about. Jasmine, since time immemorial has held mankind?s attention - both for its aromatic properties as well as an expression of love and sensuality. Start your day, every morning, on a deliciously sweet floral note all thanks to the Yardley Jasmine Talc. Sprinkle generously all over your upper body and slip into the clothes of your choice - rest assured, be it those endless client presentations at the workplace or a bustling day out in the sun filled with activities, you will sail past each one with confidence that shows.


    Yardley London is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world. Established in 1770, Yardley London has known as a world leader in soap and perfume by the beginning of the twentieth century. At present, its product range consists of fragrances, bath and body luxuries, and skin and hair care products. Yardley London understands that beautiful skin is always important to a woman. That is why; Yardley London is always dedicated to deliver the complete beauty solution platform and portfolio that can make woman's skin more beautiful than she ever hopes for. Yardley London's Sandalwood Talcum Powder has the goodness and the aroma of gold dust. Yardley's Sandalwood Talcum Powder feels soft and smooth on the skin .Yardley's Sandalwood Talcum Powder will keep you and your skin fresh all day. Yardley's Sandalwood Talcum Powder is gentle and can be used for all parts of the body, except the face. Yardley's Sandalwood Talcum Powder will keep you smelling good, fresh and confident all day!


    Everything in nature has its unique properties and human beings have been extracting these components for centuries to meet their needs and aid in enhancing their natural beauty up by several notches. Rose, the national flower of England is known for its impeccable beauty and enchanting scent. The light sweet scent of rose reminds one of the spring season, romantic and uplifting. Imagine being allured by this clarifying and mood-lifting fragrance everyday. Well, you do not have to go looking for a garden of roses for this, just get this Yardley English Rose for your beauty regime. This talcum powder from Yardley is crafted to lure every woman, each and every day, simply because they deserve it.


    It takes the world's finest natural lavender oils and over 200 years' expertise to create Yardley English Lavender. Delicate and sophisticated, this silky, ultra-refine talcum powder will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and delicately scented all day. Infused with the aromatic freshness of lavender complimented by soothing floral and musk notes.


    Gold for Men Talc is a french milled talcum powder, free flowing and velvety smooth for after bath or showering refreshment.Also contains unique ingredients for extra absorbency and protection against perspiration wetness. Gold for Men is a fresh and invigorating masculine fragrance with notes of bergamot, lime, rosemary, geranium, conifer, nutmeg, clove, cedar, amber and leather.


    Leave your skin caressed in the tender embrace of scents that will entice your soul and attract the attention of all the people around you. The Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc is the perfect way to keep your body fresh and your charisma confident all day long. Talcum powders have long been used to keep skin feeling silky and smooth. The unique formulation of talcs has made them very popular for reasons like fragrance and refreshed skin. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of an elegant formula with this Yardley Talc. Yardley?s superior expertise in creating the best fragrances is seen through with this product it brings forth to enhance your elegance. Ideal for men and women, this can become the tool to refresh your family?s spirits and leave them active all day long.


    Revel in a luxurious freshness and kickstart your day with a surge of energy with this talcum powder from Yardley. When you know that you are smelling great, there is a spontaneous vitality and confidence in your disposition. This Yardley Gentleman Talcum Powder is formulated with wonderful fragrances that keep you energised with a dose of freshness. For the urbane modern young man that you are, grooming is an important ritual and perfect grooming is never complete without fragrance.


    A flamboyant bouquet of freshness, Yardley Lily of the Valley Body Spray encapsulates the floral fragrance of flowers blooming in the English countryside. Created and launched in 1920, Yardley Lily of the Valley has been brilliantly contemporized from its traditional floral scent. Light and refreshing, Yardley Lily of the Valley imparts a soothing floral scent capturing the true essence of a woman. An impeccable blend of vibrant fruits and flowers with a touch of sweet indulgence, Lily of the Valley from Yardley ignites a swirl of feminine allure.The opening note is fresh and rejuvenating with a dash of citrus accords. At its heart lies spring flowers like lily, jasmine, geranium and magnolia that enhance gentle and feminine notes of the fragrance. These flowery accords linger over a base that is infused with amber and wood giving a powerful and warm finish. Absolutely floral and vibrant, with Yardley Lily of the Valley, spring knocks on your door waking you to a garden blooming with flowers.


    It brings the calming sensation that is aroused when you brush your fingers against the moist, delicatesse of the petals of a red rose in bloom. The Yardley Red Roses Deo Spray is a classic women?s fragrance designed in awe of the perpetual, poetic charm of the ever delightful red rose. The dreamy, indulgent fragrance adds a powdery sweetness to your day and keeps you smelling divinely beautiful all day long. The mass premium deodorant spray from Yardley is a romantic composition created from the extracts of the red rose and inspires the same passion and seduction as the flower, in its expression. The Yardley Red Roses body spray is a perfectly elegant, daily wear for the timelessly beautiful woman and provides long-lasting protection against bacteria and body odour all round the clock.


    Jasmine from Yardley is an essence that lulls your senses with its pleasing aroma. Lilting and harmonious, this deodorant depends on simple linear notes to create an intoxicating, honeyed fragrance that is sensual and essentially feminine. Seeking inspiration in the bloom of the jasmine flower, the top note fills your senses with an exquisite floral luxury. A warm,woody, ambrosial dry down infuses an earthiness into the scent. Subtle yet powerful, the exotic, lingering aroma of Jasmine from Yardley fascinates you with its blooming freshness.


    With over 200 years expertise Yardley London selects only the finest ingredients to create its unforgettable fragrances. This body spray leaves your skin feeling fresh and subtly fragranced all day with the warm and spicy scent of Sandalwood.


    The dance of the pearly dew drops within the heart of the velvety roads of the gentle whorls of the rose is indeed a sight to behold. As she takes in the beauty of the whirl, the enamoring notes of Yardley English Rose Deo Spray overtakes her senses as it carries her onward into the whorls themselves. The mass premium submerges her in a wave of fragrance that threatens to take her down into a world of dreamy comfort. The overpowering yet gentle accords of rose submerge the deodorant spray in their soothing glow. For the woman who is a delicate beauty, the personification of quiet elegance, Yardley English Rose Deo Spray keeps her fresh and fragrant throughout the day.


    The walks along the cold, windy streets by the flowers that bloom despite the dismal weather are colored with the soothing redolence of the lavender whose essence is captured by Yardley. English Lavender Deo Spray is the floral mass premium that takes you back to the memories of those walks and make you relive every small vivid detail in high definition. The deodorant spray is one that can suffuse your spirit in the goodness of lavender and healing your tired spirit from within. The blooms from her memory remind her of her own resilience and reinstate her belief in going on despite everything and anything that can go wrong.


    The enchanting house of Yardley presents Lace Deo Spray for the woman of hidden fantasies and subtle sensuousness. The mass premium has an alluring aura that surrounds her and emphasizes the exquisite beauty of her nature. The lilting notes of the deodorant spray are what carries you through the day into a night of unpredictability when some familiar memories are evoked. The antiperspirant formula ensures that you remain free from perspiration throughout the day and retain an after-shower freshness throughout the day. The fragrance of Yardley Lace Deo Spray lasts through the day bring out the dainty, petite part of the ultimate woman. Flounder in the fragrance of Yardley Lace and rejoice the little joys of being a woman.

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