Different women have different morning routines and schedules. Some like to wake up to a rejuvenating cuppa of bed coffee and the newspaper while others like the adrenaline of keeping their eyes shut till the last minute and dashing out for a race against time. Then there are those that wake up to the chirp of the bird, hum in the shower, spray on a bit of Eva Fresh Deo Spray and set out.The ultimate morning person, she loves the prospect of waking up to a new day full of unknown adventures and possibilities. She is prepared for any challenge the day may bring forward as the anti-perspirant properties of this deo spray keeps her fresh and comfortable throughout. As the day goes by this long lasting fragrance keeps her bubbly nature company. An alcohol-free deo, it doesn?t interfere with the enlivening citrus floral aroma. A cylindrical bottle with a transparent cap, it radiates a sea-blue shade that looks welcoming. A fresh spritz and begin your day on the right note.