Rewrite the rules as you turn on the heat with the laser sharp intoxication of the new Set Wet Style Casanova Deodorant. Enjoy the joy of multiples as you get more than what you ever dreamed as possible


    The Clock Slowly Ticks Into The Hour Of Release From Corporate Drudgery And The Harassed Man Rushes Out The Glass Doors Onto The Open Road. Since The Time He Can Remember, He Has Been Outside Riding His Bike Or Playing Soccer. Adulthood Brought With It Freedom Of Choice But At The Price Of Imprisoning Your Body In A Concrete Cage. Say Goodbye To Those Feelings With A Refreshing Dose Of Set Wet Adventure Deo Spray.A Self-Confessed Adrenaline Junkie, He Unwinds From His Daily Stress And Worries With A Lively Game Of Badminton. He Makes His Way Through The Roughest Of Terrain And The Most Cruel Of Weather Conditions. As Soon As He Gets Out Of The Shower He Sprays On This Set Wet Deo Spray And He Feels Enlivened. He Yearns For The Grime And Toil That Lets Him Explore The Beauty And Bounty Of Nature. This Fragrance Comes In A Cylindrical Structure That Is Painted A Glossy Black And Shades Of Green With The Male Gender Symbol On Its Surface. The Course Is Set And The Bike Is Oiled, It Is Time For You To Ride Into The Sunset For

  3. SET WET MACHO 33 percent EXTRA

    Gelled spikes, funky tee and distressed jeans - he is a hipster who does not play by the rules. He circulates the party making every single girl there blush with his sweet talk but nothing can hold him back from gunning the engine onto the highway and leave. For the ultimate player who has perfected his act over the years, Set Wet presents Macho Deo Spray, the fragrance that is the wingman of all his smooth moves. As his swagger sets the ladies? hearts thumping as all the men gawk at the carefully cultivated magnetic personality that he is so famous for. The mass premium deodorant swathes you in an aura of confidence that gives you the courage to score every single time. The deodorant spray is presented in a flacon with black and golden accents that highlights the richness of the fragrance within. For the nonchalant man who shrugs and moves on in life with nothing to gain and nothing to lose, Set Wet Macho Deo Spray sets the mood for all your adventures without ever having to try too hard.

  4. SET WET SEXY 33 percent EXTRA

    There?s something so exciting about the man who is endearingly oblivious to his appeal amongst the women. With so much as a passing glance, he sends a dozen hearts into a flurry and he just has to smile and you?ve already dreamt of your wedding day. All he has to do is look straight into your heart and you are imprisoned for eternity. This cute yet masculine heartbreaker hides his secret from the rest - a spritz of Set Wet Sexy Deo Spray.For charm that is boundless and conversation that is endless, he is the man who you have been waiting for. The knight in shining armour, he charges ahead with pulsating passion to claim what is his. He walks across the floor and the aroma of this Set Wet deo spray and the innocent unassuming hearts are set ablaze. This fragrance comes in a tall cylindrical structure that comes in a contrast of luxe ebony and tones of violet. An enigmatic scent that emblazons his memory forever in your heart.

  5. SET WET COOL 33 percent EXTRA

    Drowsy and cranky, he wakes up to one of those mornings where all he wants to do is throw the alarm clock and snuggle under the cozy blanket for a little longer. After pulling himself out of bed and cursing the morning, he goes for a cold shower followed by a generous spray of Set Wet Cool Deo Spray. Feeling the weariness and torpor melt off, he is energised with an electrical charge.The day at office seems like a breeze as he floats through the day without a care in the world; a relief from the haggard mornings that seemed to bother you. With a spritz of this Set Wet deo spray, problems seem simpler and work seems easier. Every morning is like the beginning of a new dawn filled with hopes and aspirations that touch the sky. This fragrance comes in a tall and slender cylindrical structure that rests on his dresser. It is painted in colours of sleek black and ocean blue with the image of the male gender symbol on its center. A drizzle of this Cool deo spray and you dive headfirst into a calming aura.

  6. SET WET AMORIST 33 percent EXTRA

    Set Wet Style Amorist Deodorant Spray: Turn on the lady killer in you with Set Wet Style Amorist DeodorantIt's enticing, seductive fragrance keeps you from trying too hardGet ready for some really close encounters

  7. SET WET HAUTE 33 percent EXTRA

    Walk on the glam side with Set Wet Style Haute Deodorant and send the pulse rate soaring of any woman in the vicinity. Its alluring fragrance will leave you simply irresistible.

  8. SET WET ROMEO 33 percent EXTRA

    Wrap yourself with this mesmerising deodorant from Set Wet and steel everyone's heart. Set Wet Romeo Deodorant Spray Perfume for men prevents perspiration and body odours and keeps you fresh all day long. Its flirty fragrance with an extremely pleasant aroma will impress everyone around you. Spray on this sensual fragrance and make her fall in love with you.