Ponds is a company that has been in the industry for a very long time, and has brought about a few changes in the age old Ponds Dream Flower Talc making it better and all the more attractive. Ponds Dream Flower Fragrant Talc is not the same dream flower talc sold in the 80s that is given now, but a better one taking into consideration the new needs and requirements of beauty. Ponds Dream Flower Fragrant Talc is designed to enhance beauty and provide smoother skin. The talc is skin friendly, soft and soothing to give you the best effects on your skin. It has skin brightening vitamins and sunscreen that brighten up your skin by protecting it. As it is composed of ingredients that help give your skin a fairer complexion, it also protects you from the harmful UVA rays of the sun. The fragrance of the talc is alluring and gives the edge. This wonderful smelling talc has been the favorite of thousands and even today it has not lost any of its charm and beauty. Ponds Dream Flower Fragrant Talc brings out the best in you! Relax, refresh and renew your appearance with the all new Ponds Dream Flower Fragrant Talc.


    Feel the magic of the fresh fragrance brought you by Ponds Magic Freshness Talc. Use Ponds Magic Freshness Talc and stay fresh for the whole day with its pleasing smell. This Ponds Magic Talc provides sheen and a smooth finish to the skin and enhances the beauty of the wearer. It is also known for its skin friendliness, soothing fragrance and softness. This Talc comes with Distinct


    The whiff of a summer breeze with the scent of citrus flavors is what you love and now you can enjoy just that with this talcum powder. The Pond's Oil Control Talc is composed for the people who love a citrus fragrance on their skin. The talc contains peel extracts and vitamin C so your skin receives rejuvenation in every form. The orange peel extracts will make sure that your skin is protected against the harmful rays of the sun. The talcum offers sun protection with TPI 60 so whether you want to catch a quick swim on a sunny day or take a walk along the beach, all you have to do is spread some talcum on your skin and you will feel refreshed always. This talc contains advanced absorption molecules which protect your body from excess oil secretion and keeps your skin looking fresh and soft always. Perspiration on those hot and humid days can leave your skin itchy and flaky but now with this orangey talc you can be sure that your skin is free from all irritation. Composed of natural and organic ingredients, this talc is ideal for men and women and is easy to use so you are left with fresh and clean skin.