Sometimes babies tend to get restless and cry constantly when they are left with nothing but a feeling of discomfort due to the diapers they wear. To give your baby maximum comfort, be it while playing, while eating or while relaxing, you could now opt for this smartly designed Pampers Active Baby Diaper ? Medium. This disposable diaper also comes in handy when you are set to go on outdoor voyages. In addition to this, the diaper is ideal for use by both boys and girls and is suitable for babies weighing 7 to 12 kg.The extra-dry core in this diaper can absorb up to six wettings, thereby offering maximum usage benefits. In addition to this, the extra-dry core can also seal away wetness from your baby?s skin. The all-night absorbency technology in this diaper from Pampers lets your baby sleep comfortably without any discomfort. Besides this, the extra-dry layer in this diaper adds to the comfort factor. This diaper also includes baby lotion.The soft stretchable waist and sides promote easy wearing and also offer a comfortable fit, letting your baby move around freely. Also, the soft like cotton fabric in this diaper keeps your little one happy, active and comfortable.