Skin nourishment, lightening, hydrating, protection from the sun and an anti-blemish agent ? these words appearing in a single sentence could only refer to this multitasking fairness cream from Fair and Lovely. Ideal for women, the Fair and Lovely Anti Marks Fairness Cream is formulated using natural and organic ingredients that are gentle on your skin and can therefore be used on all skin types. The innovative Spot-Block system of this Anti Marks Fairness Cream gradually fades those marks left behind by acne and also prevents the formation of acne in the future. This Fair and Lovely Cream contains Vita Aloe Complex and Vitamin B3 that lighten your skin tone.This Anti Marks Cream also blocks dark pigments and prevents them from spreading. After application, your dewy skin is also effectively protected from the harmful sun rays owing to the Triple Sunscreens that provide broad-spectrum sun protection. Your face looks flawless and is kept blemish-free and fair. When you step out, your skin is completely protected from the UV rays while the cream works from within to lighten your skin tone and fade marks and blemishes away.Directions for UseApply in gentle circular and upward movements to cleansed face and neck.Use twice daily for best results.


    For balanced skin that looks naturally fair and radiant.New Fair


    Fair and Lovely Max Fairness for Men has vitamax and ultraviolet filters. Fair and Lovely Max Fairness forMen works on the tough skin of men against ultraviolet rays. The cream gives a visible fairness and removes dark and unwanted spots. It is more effective and gives three times more protection thanregular suntan protection creams. The vitamax complex has qualities of vitamin B3, provitamin B6 and vitamin C and vitamin E. These vitamins prevent darkness on the skin, protects from harmful agents that enter your skin. Fair and Lovely Max Fairness for Men ensures that you can lead an active and confident lifestyle. The application of this cream twice in a day on face and neck results in a glow on your face that no one can resist. The cream is not harsh on the skin and even after the application skin retains its softness. The cream is designed for daily use and its regular usage improves your skin as well. After the application of cream, your skin has a protective layer, which prevents it from sun tan and pollution. The cream removes dullness of the skin and makes sure that you have the confidence to impress opposite sex as well as the boardroom. The skin looks younger removes dirt from inside the pores on your skin. One can notice the change on your face. The fairness cream for men from Fair and Lovely forms a protective coating of vitamins around your face. This cream will make your personality look groomed.


    When in the business of beautifying women, there is no question of inequality. Women are all created to perfection, even a crooked eyebrow adds to the eternal beauty of a woman and to her loving man, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. So, a fairness cream is not something that makes one more beautiful than another but one that brings out the best and hidden beauty of a woman. The Fair